Welcome to Malaysia…

Today is my 12th day in Malaysia.

I have gone to several interesting places here. I also have tasted several authentic cuisines and foods here. Let say lekor! I had heard about it so many times from Mrs Nur, Mr Asep’s wife, before. Yatta! Alhamdulillah, I can taste it now! J There are two kind of lekor I’ve tasted, Chips Lekor, which look and taste similar to my previous food manufacture lab group product, Bazoka, and Fried Lekor, which look like and taste like the combination between otak-otak, pempek and cakwe. Well, it may because their main ingredients and processing are quite resemble. Yes, both otak-otak, or pempek, and lekor are made by fish and sago or tapioca. The difference is, hm, sorry to say, but the flavor and taste of fish in lekor is much stronger and more mouthful than many otak-otak and pempek I found in Indonesia, well, except Pempek Pak Raden ya… Hehe.. Oh ya, You’ve got to know that so many various of fried rice at here, from the well-known fried rice such as Chinese fried rice, seafood fried rice, and fried rice with fried egg, to the many novel names such as Pattaya fried rice, Kerabu Fried Rice, Tom Yam fried rice, Cili Padi fried rice, and many others. My favorite is Kerabu fried rice, even though there is another Nasi Kerabu term referred to the blue colored rice, the blue color artificially added from indigo pigmen in flower, but I forget the name of flower. I have tasted Curry Puff, or Kari Pap, also. It is a kind of, in Indonesia we know as, Pastel, but the crust is more like pastry dough, and filled with thick potato curry. So yummy. I have tasted Ayam masak kurma, and other curry-based products, and they are quite awesome. I barely found unpleasant foods here. I think it because I love spices very much, and at here the foods are mostly super spicy! Oh Yeah, just like celebrating Idul Adha and Idul Fitri everyday. Hehehe.. Hm… have I found any unsatisfied food? So far, yup for a meal, mie johor. I still dunno, neither it because I definitely didn’t like it nor because the chef didn’t mix the spice well. How about Indian foods? Well, sorry, but again, it’s all about curry. The price can be ranged in wide scales, from 1RM for a piece of roti canai, and 1.25RM for a set of Nasi Lemak (plus a glass of Hot Black Coffee), up to the infinite price. The average price of mine, and other thrifty students, is ranged from 1RM to 10RM per set of meal. Quite cheap, right? Hehehe..


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